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Rules / Apply

1. If you decide to apply for free themes at Extras.flaunt.nu, you are required to accept all rules published at http://Extras.flaunt.nu/rules and http://flaunt.nu/rules.
2. The maximum number of applications to be accepted per month is 25for WordPress and Coppermine themes, and 15 for social pages.
3. You may apply for one free theme per month only.
4. Your website or gallery should be online for at least three months before you become eligible for free themes.
5. Your website must be visited by at least 150 unique visitors per day to be eligible for free themes.
6. Applications are not automatically accepted. The administrators of EXTRAS.flaunt.nu will choose 40 applications each month.
7. If you decide to move to Flaunt Network from other host, you are eligible for free themes (for WordPress, Coppermine and social pages) given that you meet the above criteria – at least 3 months online and 150 unique visitors daily.
8. Applications may be sent during the first seven days of each month. The list of websites which will receive free themes in a given months will be published until the tenth day of each month at EXTRAS.flaunt.nu.
9. The stage of progress for completing free themes for each website will be published at EXTRAS.flaunt.nu regularly.
10. You may request only one change to be made at themes with regard to all texts and navigation. Therefore, you are required to provide as detailed descriptions as possible.
11. You are required to reply regularly to all emails after having been granted a free theme.
12. WordPress and Coppermine themes will come with Flaunt Network’s advertisement codes (two advertisements for non-English websites and one advertisement for English websites), a link back to Flaunt.nu, and DMCA/ Privacy Policy links to make sure websites comply with the rules.
13. First websites to be provided with free themes are these wich have never receiver a free theme from extras.flaunt.nu. The sites have to comply with all above rules.
14. Each website can apply for one free theme in three months (for WordPress, Coppermine and social pages).
15. We reserve the right to amend the rules at any time.
16. Each application should be marked in email title by either WORDPRESS FREE THEME / COPPERMINE FREE THEME or SOCIAL NETWORK FREE THEME.

Updated: 30 November 2016.




Form to apply for a social network design created by Lilianne Visuals:

01. your name:
02. country where you live:
03. your web adress:
04. which package (wordpress or cpg theme):
05. photos which I should use:
06. comments to design: (menus, content etc.)
07. link of graphic from my portfolio which you like best: (optional)
08. do you want PSD? (elite, project etc.)

Form to apply for a social network design created by Mikke Navarro:

01. Your website
02. Your Country:
03. Website Name:
04. Website Link:
05. Which Social Network (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram):
06. Photos which i should use (HQs Only):
07. Your Website Slogan:


All applications should be sent to our email.